So I'm re-watching/re-reading Bleach and I've got some queries/inconsistencies from the early episodes, if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

1. Why did the big menos grande get summoned when Ishida used that bait thing in their duel?

2. Now that we know about Soul Society I can't help but wonder why there weren't Shinigami searching for her when she lost her powers? Why did it take so long for Rnji and Byakuya to come and find her? Or did Aizen do something to conceal the fact her powers had gone missing with Kyoka Suigetsu since he planned for her to go there? I know Aizen explains later that he did it all on purpose to get the Hogyoku but I find it weird that nobody took action immediately.

3. How come Rukia was on good terms with Urahara? Now that we know Urahara and the Vizard were wanted in SS (from that turn back the time arc) shouldn't Urahara have hid himself from anyone from SS? Or else wouldn't he have been reported?

4. Ishida said that his teacher was closely monitored by Soul Society as he was the last quincy? Then what about Ishida himself and his dad? And Masaki before she died? I'm hoping this is explained in future chapters as the focus is now on the Quincy...

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