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    July 18, 2014 by Fandomized

    As a 4 year follower of bleach (and after going on here) I watched up to episode 52 at most (no money to buy, and my internet sucks at best) and realized that not all zanpakuto has had there true form aired or displayed in the manga. The forms from the "beast sword" arc is just the materialized form NOT the true form. This is where "YOU" come in. Bellow in the comments I would like "YOU" to post what you think they would look like. RULES: 1. Don't copyright and use digimon, pokemon, ect. 2. Don't use animals or monsters, useing an animalistic base is fine as long as it's not a pure animal or monster. Make it at least somewhat a fusion like zabimaru. 3. Use as much detail as possible, does it have markings? Is one hand or claw bigger or di…

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