• Fallowstar24

    As a Bleach fan and reader of Fanfiction, I've seen a lot of people complain about filler arcs, so I'm going to weigh the goods and bads of the Filler Arcs.

    First and foremost, there's the timing to think about. Sure, we'd all love to hear Nel as an adult (though, she'll most likely sound the same), and I'd like to see Byakuya fight against Zommari, but I think it's a general rule that Shonen Jump stays a little ahead of Bleach so Adult Swim isn't revealing anything ahead of the time. Personally, I'm willing to wait for the animated fights on TV because I get Shonen Jump every month. Plus, I can imagine the voices more or less.

    Second, some characters have some interesting backgrounds. I, more or less, enjoyed the whole Bakkouto thing and th…

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