Hey guys

I was just wondering about a few things on about the next chapter post an all and i was wondering,

why wasn't gremmy on the elite guard?

He was quoted as being one of the most powerful sternritter and several of the other quincies said that he was soooo dangerous he had to be locked up so there brings up the question

Why didn't Ythwach promote him to elite status?

It would make sense for him to do so as his power is to literally make anything he imagines come into to reality and in my opinion he is probably more powerful than the rest of the elite guard as they were defeated/killed off so damn easily by Oetsu.


Maybe its a part of Kubos plan for the story but alot of this arc is muddled with mixed plot points and seems like it was thought up last minute. I really did hope that they'd make a sequel series to Bleach but not if they ruin it with non-canon material and if Kubo rushes to complete the series to soon then there would be no point to even read it anymore. If it winds up rushed like Psyren...then im probably gonna go off anime :'(

all comments welcome

Psyren(U.S) vol 1

loved that manga

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