Aizen will escape, and Im pretty sure it goes like this.

Remember in the Arrancar Downfall Arc when Kaname mysteriously explodes for no apparent reason and Aizen just smiles weeelll I think its a big hint.

Couldn't it be possible that Kaname didnt die and was just a ruse for Aizen as a failsafe for his plan?

He is not a fool and its possible he could let Kaname live in secret for his inevitable escape(the captains were training for it as stated in the Fullbringer Arc) and he is just waiting for the right time to do so.

Aizen is a genius and has the powers of complete hypnosis so I think it might be a major future plot point that Kubo has up his sleeve that might happen during or maybe after the war as a final sendoff for the series :'(

In anycase I thought it was interesting, would love to hear the comments/thoughts on the matter though. laterz ;P
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