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  • Fallenbladr

    Hey guys

    I was just wondering about a few things on about the next chapter post an all and i was wondering,

    why wasn't gremmy on the elite guard?

    He was quoted as being one of the most powerful sternritter and several of the other quincies said that he was soooo dangerous he had to be locked up so there brings up the question

    Why didn't Ythwach promote him to elite status?

    It would make sense for him to do so as his power is to literally make anything he imagines come into to reality and in my opinion he is probably more powerful than the rest of the elite guard as they were defeated/killed off so damn easily by Oetsu.


    Maybe its a part of Kubos plan for the story but alot of this arc is muddled with mixed plot points and seems like it w…

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  • Fallenbladr

    Aizens Escape

    August 17, 2014 by Fallenbladr

    Aizen will escape, and Im pretty sure it goes like this.

    Remember in the Arrancar Downfall Arc when Kaname mysteriously explodes for no apparent reason and Aizen just smiles weeelll I think its a big hint.

    Couldn't it be possible that Kaname didnt die and was just a ruse for Aizen as a failsafe for his plan?

    He is not a fool and its possible he could let Kaname live in secret for his inevitable escape(the captains were training for it as stated in the Fullbringer Arc) and he is just waiting for the right time to do so.

    Aizen is a genius and has the powers of complete hypnosis so I think it might be a major future plot point that Kubo has up his sleeve that might happen during or maybe after the war as a final sendoff for the series :'(

    In anycase…

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  • Fallenbladr

    Hey so I've been thinking about the new chapter that explains the beginnings of the quincy (randomly and for almost no reason:)and what it really means to the whole point of the series. And I just wonder if anybody body else remembers the soul king.

    He was shown a few chapters back and everyone reading thought that it woke up from its slumber because of Ichigo who is a multirace/species who has a unique soul, but now it would make more sense if it woke because of Yhwach. His own unique power is to give people power then gather and absorb that person's soul after he/she has died.

    If thats true then he has almost COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE POWER over every soul that he wants and poses a threat to everything in existence while he gets stronger. It …

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