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    2010 News for Bleach

    December 26, 2009 by EmpressMinea

    Bleach news from Jump Festia:
    Arrancar arc will end by next mid-year (June 2010).
    A short arc will follow.
    After that, a new arc will begin.
    Arrancar arc has been going on for 4 years.
    Weekly Jump No.3 & No.4 double issue on Monday.
    Front cover with Naruto.
    Kubo-sensei draws the inner cover. Spread is of Rukia.
    No.3,4 issue will contain news of Bleach movie #4.

    Stage Report: Bleach
    + The current arc is soon on climax
    + He's originally not the type to work out a plan, so he still hasn't decided on a concrete end to the arrancar arc.
    + But from this onwards, he's told them there's to be 2 more arcs.
    +The next arc is a short one, and there's an initiative for the next one.
    + There was a large response for Ulquiorra's death around the world.
    + He didn't decl…

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