latley i have notice in alot of your latest blogs the same questions have been coming up. so i would like to asks a couple of my own questions and get feed back from our community. now i understand that all answers we give and receive will be speculation but i would like to know what everyone is thinking.also ill give my answer or non answer underneth said question. ill start by asking a question that everyone is thinking. Where the *$%@# are the and why are the MIA?

1. Why is Yamamoto sitting around doing nothing?

personaly i've never trusted Yamamoto. if you watch the anime episodes closely he always comes off as really shady and like he's hidding something. something inside tells me that he may working with Aizen. i get that he is the leader but being he is the strongest captian why was he not the first to confront Aizen? why did he wait so long to get involved in the battle with the espada?

'2. Where is Urahara, Tessai, and 'Yoruich?

Urahara is another character that seems shady to me. he's one of favorites but i find it hard to believe he is trully a "good guy". i get that he had to open the Garanta and teleport the real karakura town but come on. shouldn't they have entered the battle by now?

3. What are Aziens true intentions and why is the battle taking forever?

personally i dont think Aizen is after Karakura town. based on the Manga it would seem that he sent the espada to be sluaghtered (with a few exceptions). he was not surprised when he was met by the gotei 13 or the visoreds showed up. also it feels like he is just toying with them. the whole momo switch event was really just him being a d@#k and breaking there spirits. im sure if he wanted he could use his Bankai( because Duh he has one) or his hollow form (because duh he has one) or use the Hōgyoku to destory everyone. i think his true objective is Kagamino City and the death of the espada was a part of his plan. i have a feeling that all of the spirit energy and twisted souls is effecting the town and Azien already has the ability to create the kings key or he already has it.

4. is Yammy about to pull a dragonball Z?

as i stated in another post the manga conferemed that Yammys power is based on his anger witch means one of two things.

1. hes going to be the incredible hulk


2. he's going to keep getting stronger untill he blows himself up.(ala DBZ) ethier way im sure Yammy's death will be disapointing.

ill stop here for now. depending on the responces other topics i would like to rant about are : Rank of Captians, Bankai's, More on Yamamoto, Ichigo and Uryu's fathers. i look forward to hearing for every one even if you think im out of my mind let me know... i can take it.

Dtrugrave 08:58, February 14, 2010 (UTC)Dtrugrave

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