• Dtrugrave

    Questions and Speculations

    February 14, 2010 by Dtrugrave

    latley i have notice in alot of your latest blogs the same questions have been coming up. so i would like to asks a couple of my own questions and get feed back from our community. now i understand that all answers we give and receive will be speculation but i would like to know what everyone is thinking.also ill give my answer or non answer underneth said question. ill start by asking a question that everyone is thinking. Where the *$%@# are the and why are the MIA?

    1. Why is Yamamoto sitting around doing nothing?

    personaly i've never trusted Yamamoto. if you watch the anime episodes closely he always comes off as really shady and like he's hidding something. something inside tells me that he may working with Aizen. i get that he is the leade…

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