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  • Dogmaster555


    April 7, 2011 by Dogmaster555

    Do you think that Tite K. should come out with a reference guide to the bleach universe, that explaine everything in the series, From the Movies, Anime, Books. That way it will gives us insight into the History from the Soul Society, Human world, Hueco Mundo. By giving us the reference guide it would any & all question about the series.

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  • Dogmaster555


    February 7, 2011 by Dogmaster555

    I think Tite Kubo should explaine more about the following topics:

    History of the soul society past & present

    like list all of past & present soul reapers & give their history about them.

    Explaine more about the court guard squads, Royal guard, Royal family, Kido corps, Onmitsukidos, central 46, Shino academy, Seireitei & other various places in the soul society.

    Give us the history how Baishin & his history.

    Give us the history on the Dark ones from the first movie.

    Explaine more how to become a captain, Lieutenant, seated officers

    I think by giving us this information it will clear alot of stuff up.

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