Alright Barely see any episode reviews, yeah everyone reads the manga and gets ahead but its nice to sit back and enjoy the actual footage of the manga brought to life. So I decided hey why not start a blog about episodes? I mean really theirs about 50 blogs for every single new chapter so why not at least 1 blog for every new episode I mean it only seems appropriate, comments could range from the appreciation of the art to the little details that you noticed. For starters episode 271 was amazing; though I could have done without the constant "Kurosaki-kun!" from orihime about every five seconds but seeing as the person she holds dear to her heart has just gotten a hole blown into his stomach its slightly understandable :) The animation was once again amazing, and semes to be getting better, but did anyone else notice in the episode how unlike the manga Ishidas arm was not ripped off?? But Just like the manga Ulquiorras arm was ripped off??? I mean can we say prejudice much, if Ishidas arm does not get ripped off then don't rip of Ulquiorra-samas arm! I mean come on is it necessary for all that. Though one thing I appreciated vastly was the coloration of the whole episode I mean when Ichigo fired his cero off in that new hollow form it looked just completely devastating. Any other things you picked up in the episode or any comments about what you appreciated feel free to post :)

One little thing I wanted to add Did anyone else see Gins eyes at the end when he did his arrancar encyclopedia, that was too funny and adorable with Ulquiorra feeling up his face I cracked up!

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