For awhile I have continousally read the articles poted on this website and I myself have been a bit hesitant to join in on conversation but I got bored and decided to make an account so I could put my ideas out there. Alright so being new to this whole thing Im just going to write what I feel went down in this recent chapter. For starters I applaud Kubo for writing such an amazing storyline in bleach and I Like Aizen as a character yes he has his flaws which I'll go over later but because of his manipulative ability I can see him planning such things in advance. Now on the recent chapter it was so refreshing to see Aizen explain in a sense the idea of him "BEING GOD!" which has been an accusation that so many people have claimed, (or from what I've seen on this blog stuff) we see in this chapter that Aizen is not actually God in any sort of sense (Yes he has monstrous reiatsu and he seems so dramatic at times to an inane level) BUT we see that its not just something that he Pulls out off his ass and says "Ok I know everything about YOU you and you." which for awhile has been what everyone has been thinking. This was a climatitic moment in itself and we could see the emotion in Ichigo's eyes as Aizen explained everythign to him. And Isshin Kurosaki appearing out of nowhere that was a beautiful ending to a nice chapter. Im extremely glad though that in this chapter aizen took the time to explain himself and its not a matter of him being omnipotent in any form its just that he plans things in sooooo much advance that he has time to contemplate all possible outcomes and from their act accordingly and draw others into the outcome that most favours his own goals and personal wishes.

Thats what I think so far about this chapter and yeah...other than that I also want to say that I'm looking forward to the future battles and I've been contemplating for awhile but could it be possible that Isshin Kurosaki was an Ally of aizen far far back and went awry because he saw the truth behind Aizen (Aka his selfish outlook on life which revolves around him becoming the Ultimate figure of Power/GOd in the bleach world) or was he just another pawn? Im curious and I can't wait to see what happens next. If anything what do you think is Isshins reasons for knowing Aizen? And what do you think Aizen was going to say about Ichigos Heritage (Shinigami and hollow combination?)) or somethign more?

P.S. to All the people that have hated on Kubo for making such a story and creating the characters in the manner he has (Yes I have read the blogs) I want to say this; you try writing a popular manga that people constantly follow. You try following deadlines that you have to meet every week and still try to keep your life average. pause and think next time you are going to rant about Kubo and how "pathetic" he has gotten. Supporting Kubo all da way! lol

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