Alright so in response to all the seriousness that has been going on Its been obvious that people have been a little tense, and their has a been a bit of headbanging lately. So in response to that all I just wanted to point out the more funny moments in bleach and have you add your own funny moments to this thread so that maybe we could all enjoy a laugh instead of the usual bickering about Bankais and such. This post is just meant to help us all chill and it might even lead to new insights about how Tite Kubo as an author works. Its amazing the number of hilarious moments that happen in bleach and I think it would be cool to document it all

so for the first Really funny moment I just now noticed does anyone remember back a few chapters ago when Rangiku was fighting apache, Mila -rose and Sun Sun and they summoned Allon (alyon) To aid t hem in the battle and she was looking at allon and said that she had a feeling of despair and darkness cross into her, alright in the manga Im not sure if anyone noticed but it zoomed in on Allons face and seemed to be centered around those two large black holes, Which from what I have seen actually seem to form his nose! So in a sense Rangiku was looking up Allons nose when she said that the feeling of despair was upon her which to me is just funny :)

Another one was when Stark and Lilynette were chilling in las noches and she came to give him the news about one of the espadas death I believe and stark was all cool like I dont are and whatever and she grabbed him split his legs open and just started kicking the crap out his balls that one had me laughing for quite some time.

Were their any other really funny moments that stood out in bleach for you (even if they were shinigami illustrated cups in the anime) Please post and have a laugh :)

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