First of let me say once again how amazing the opening was, by SID the music fit so well with everything, and the animation is marvelous.

Second off lets start off with the usual as Lia points out in her last episode blog the amount of flashbacks was ridiuculous in the previous episode. I think they took the hint this episode seemed shallow on the flashbacks something I was extremely grateful for. So once again we find ourselves facing of against the all powerful Aizen. Hitsugaya was the first to act of course and I want to say that the look on his face actually sent shivers down my back. Their was a bit of filler fighting if no one noticed between rose, lisa, aizen and komamaru but it was amazingly done and fit in so well!

The worse though was watching komomaru get cut down by Aizens version of 'power' you could feel the despair start to grip around that point. Gin commenting kind of set the mood for an epic failure on part of the captains. He re asserted Aizens dominance and power and it simply left me thinking well dam no hope for anyone. But on to the episode again, What really was mind blowing this episode was the fight scenes! For once their was not any meaningless chatter. Every word was meant and emphasized with the blade, every word had some meaning and all in all it was just pure violence. You could see the determination to 'survive' as Soi Fon put it to Ichigo in the previous episode. You could see the Captains were doing everything in order to kill or incapitate aizen though I think the former is more of what their goal was.

They used every tactic skill, and ability they had in attempts too overpower this hated Foe and the way each of their faces were animated you could see the desperation, the slight fear, and the will to fight on despite any wound. It was actually amazing just to watch and can I say that the soundtrack just made the episode that much better? The music fit nearly every scene well and when Hitsugaya screamed after destroying Momo, (and yes I used destroy because he shoved his blade to the hilt in her backside xD) well that scream alone sent more chills through me and I thought, wow this is the real deal. Their fighting for keeps now, even during the battle with the espada I was not feeling that much desperation but with Aizen....theirs something more.

Hitsugayas scream once again...pure chills it fit the scenario so perfectly and his mad rush to kill Aizen even better. Then teh true horror started when Aizen told them they were all open. The short fight scenes which I assume were to show his movements and how he actually cut them down individually madfe everything make sense for me. And the music once again fit perfectly with it. Animation was amazing, and I actually yelled when Kyoraku got cut down sad -_-

But what were your thoughts on this weeks episode? How did you feel bout the music, animation etc? What was your favorite part? And what about gin does he look cool or what!!! (lol random)

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