This is my first blog that doesn't look like it oughtta be on Bleach answers...anyway, here we go.

Someone was suggesting something interesting to me. What if this entire Fullbring arc, no, everything up to Ichigo's final attack, Aizen triggered his own Bankai, putting Ichigo into a trance, an illusion, starting with the illusion of victory, then finally, the illusion of EVERYTHING up to the current point in this arc, was an illusion by Aizen, to teach Ichigo "loneliness".

He thinks that when Aizen's sword crumbled, he was activating his Bankai silently (while doing his all to familiar bragging). He thinks this is all an illusion, to instill a sense of loss upon Ichigo. A sense of loneliness. The "same loneliness Aizen felt". He wanted to make Ichigo understand. He says (and I think Ichigo explained this), that Aizen's goal was to meet someone as strong as him, someone of that calibre of WILL, not power. Aizen said he envied people who were weak, who could live and survive as weak people. He did not have that capability. He was strong... so he sought strength. He sought higher and higher levels of power, of ascendance, never satisfied with what he'd accomplished, always desiring to become better. He obviously did so for a reason. He had some underlying conviction, some reason for why. Clearly related to his hatred/avarice for "the empty throne of heaven". I suspect, it was an unanswered prayer. He was alone. And that was what made him strong in the first place, and my friend suspects he suffered the loss of someone dear to him (makes u see Aizen in a new light), someone he wanted to protect. He believes Aizen's bankai can effect memory and the perception of the passage of time, and it put Ichigo into a trance-like illusion. He says he believes this even more now after that dream Ichigo had, with Renji, Byakuya, and Rukia all telling him to wake up.

Anyway, I'm curious as to what you all think, and hope this blog doesn't get deleted for one reason or another...

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