• Dark ace

    i know everyone want or expeceting somthing to happen.

    i really want to see Gin, Shunsui Kyōraku,Jūshirō Ukitakebut i swear if i don't see Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto ,'Kisuke Urahara or 'Sōsuke Aizen i will  be very piss.

    i would really like to see more of ichigo super hollow form,(use that form to take down aizen)

    having ichigo dad regain his power and let him in one of the fight.

    Make Renji and 'Ikkaku' captains.

    bring grimjaw and nell(in adult form) back and let them rule over Hueco Mund since they are the strongest hollow left, if no.1 and 3 die in the human world.

    (very likely)

    the last one is just for fun... :D

    Orihime and 'Rukia maybe 'Nell aswell going after ichigo all at once, while renji try to go after Rukia... and have momo graps on to '…

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