• DareStar

    While its been established that Ichigo's Mum is a Quincy (and a rather accomplished one too), it would stand to reason that Ichigo, himself, has some sort of latent Quincy powers. However, this is not the case at all, up to now.

    However, heres a few questions raised.

    Haschwalth was a Quincy who didn't have powers as a child, however, it was revealed that he was "the Quincy born every 200 years who shared his ability to empower others."

    Way back in the early days of Bleach, when the Quincy were first introduced, Tessai stated that they died "200 years ago".

    And this is where we get back to the question of Ichigo. Basically born 200 years after the wiping out of the Quincy, Ichigo is someone who has Quincy blut running through his veins, howeve…

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