Given the revelations in this arc regarding the Quincy, I have to wonder about Ryuken Ishida's true motives for despising his fellow Quincy. On the surface it would seem that his attitude towards Uryu regarding his continued Quincy training stems from Ywhawch's actions costing him the lives of both Masaki and Katagiri, but I'm somewhat suspicious that his real motive might have been to try to prevent Uryu from wanting to develop his powers enough to make a naive attempt to avenge Katagiri. After all, Ryuken was no fool, and since Uryu survived what his mother did not, he had to know that Uryu was special in such a way that Yhwach might try to take advantage of him. I have a hard time believing that any self-respecting father would want his only surviving relative to find himself in the situation Uryu's presently in. Thoughts?

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