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Bleach 579 finally out

At long last, Bleach 579 has been released. It must have been released pretty late at night, since there isn't already a synopsis on the site, so I'll give a basic summary (you'll have to wait for Xil for something more in-depth. *Spoilers ahead* Kenpachi emerges victorious, as expected; Gremmy's body disintegrates, revealing he's just a brain in a jar (surprising, but not totally unexpected given the nature of his power); not surprisingly, Kenpachi is badly injured; he discovers Yachiru's clothes lying on the ground, and his soldiers comment that they can't sense her reitsu (not a good sign) and the chapter ends with Bambida's cheer squad entering the picture in epic fashion before a stunned Kenpachi (potentially an even more ominous sign, given the nature of Yachiru's "disappearance"). As has been so eloquently stated in every Star Wars film to date, "I have a bad feeling about this".

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