Ok I just want to know if we have all the Stern Ritters accounted for, as stated in chapter 494 and 500, they were 16 Stern Ritters attacking the Soul Society, (Not including Royd Lloyd or Yhwach, since Yhwach probably appeared in 510 after destroying the first division barracks and Royd was probalby the one in the sky at 493 watching those 16 pillars of reishi), I want to know if all 16 of those Stern Ritters are accounted for;

B Jugram Haschwalth (1) D Askin Nakk Le Vaar (2), most likely the same Stern Ritter wearing the hood from 494 and the one confronting Jushiro in 495. [1] E Bambietta Basterbine (3) F Äs Nödt (4) H Bazz-B (5) I Cang Du (6) K BG9 (7) O Driscoll Berci (8) Q Berenice Gabrielli (9) R Jerome Guizbatt (10) S Mask De Masculine (11) U NaNaNa Najahkoop (12) Y Loyd Lloyd (13) ? Shaz Domino (14) ? Unnamed Male Stern Ritter (15) ? The "Geh Geh Geh" guy from 543 (16), believed to be the one attacked Mayuri lab and did all the controlling, as the laughs from each chapters match.

(Also one thing bothers me is this, who attacked Rukia, it has to be either Bazz-B or Shaz Domino, if really wasn't the one who attacked the Research Department)

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