• Cookieman3


    November 29, 2012 by Cookieman3

    Ok, my biggest problem with Bleach is Rose. How is he a captain?? He's useless!

    His Zanpakuto is a rope with a flower. How is that helpful? When the Visoreds killed the Gillians in Fake Karakura Town, everyone else mass-killed Gillians or killed one really quickly. But ROSE took forever to just kill one!

    Not just Rose, Omaeda too! How did he ever become a lieutenant? He's useless too! And out of all of the Soul Reapers in Soul Society, how did Rose and Omaeda not get hurt at all during the Vandenreich attack? This makes absolutelty no sense!

    If anyone has an explanation, please tell me, as I'm so very confused!

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