So I was re-reading the Everything But The Rain mini-arc and I just noticed a couple of things that caught my interest.

- First is the so-called Reishi Armor that Ryuken mentioned and wore when he and Katagiri went to aid Masaki. It was largely unseen, but both Ryuken and Katagiri were wearing it and had what looked to be bows at the ready.

- Second there's White's "final form" that was mentioned by Kaname. While this could just simply be a full transition into an Arrancar, something tells me it's not.

- Third there is the fact that White - a product of whatever Aizen, Kaname and Gin were doing - specifically targeted and attacked Masaki because she was a Quincy, it's "polar opposite."

Now all of these comments seem like just off-handed remarks and old research/devices that may mean absolutely nothing. However, knowing Kubo, I doubt this is true.

My own theories are that Aizen's research will be brought up again (though whether he will be directly involved or not is debatable) and whatever creatures he made (like White) will make a reappearance and their "final form" will be hopefully revealed.

Next is the Reishi Armor. I really feel like this will be brought back as well, I'm just not sure how. I've got two theories so far, though.

First, I've been hearing a lot of debate going on about how Urahara has already found a way to restore Bankais so soon and how the Wandenreich will respond to this. Could it be possible that, outside of Vollständig and Blut Arterie, they also have this armor ready to use? Or perhaps it's being used by the Soldat. Out of my two theories, this one seems less likely.

My second one, however, is that Ryuken still has it and will at some point make a reappearance and use it. Perhaps even Uryu himself will use it at some point.

I'm feeling brazen enough to theorize that the Sanrei Glove has something to do with the Reishi Armor, though, if that is true it makes the first theory about this armor even more unlikely.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now, I think. I really enjoy it when people debate things and toss around theories like this so I was hoping we could do that here.

What theories and predictions do you have and what are your opinions about my own?

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