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    October 13, 2016 by CheeZFingerSlim

    What's next, ya'll? Bleach is over (and hopefully some supplementary materials are on their way), so what's next for you friendly folk? Off to find new Wikis?

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  • CheeZFingerSlim

    So, lemme just start by saying I am not at all sure if this is appropriate or not and if it's not, feel free to dismiss and/or delete it, and I offer sincere apologies.

    With that out of the way, let me get right to the point: I'd like some help in writing a Bleach fanfiction.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, cringe-worthy indeed. However, I think I have a fairly solid overall arching plot with well-rounded and non-Mary Sue characters that doesn't branch out from canon too far and certainly doesn't break it altogether. I could certainly use help with solidifying and clearing up the fuzzier details. Since this is very obviously a website dedicate to proper canon Bleach information, I won't discuss the subject of my request here because I feel that that wou…

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  • CheeZFingerSlim

    So I was re-reading the Everything But The Rain mini-arc and I just noticed a couple of things that caught my interest.

    - First is the so-called Reishi Armor that Ryuken mentioned and wore when he and Katagiri went to aid Masaki. It was largely unseen, but both Ryuken and Katagiri were wearing it and had what looked to be bows at the ready.

    - Second there's White's "final form" that was mentioned by Kaname. While this could just simply be a full transition into an Arrancar, something tells me it's not.

    - Third there is the fact that White - a product of whatever Aizen, Kaname and Gin were doing - specifically targeted and attacked Masaki because she was a Quincy, it's "polar opposite."

    Now all of these comments seem like just off-handed remarks …

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  • CheeZFingerSlim

    What's your personal favorite site for scanlations?

    From what I've seen around here, I get the feeling that a lot of people like MangaPanda, maybe? Personally, I don't care much for them - I prefer MangaStream. Speaking of which, why does MangaStream get hate from people? I know that they "fancify" their translations a bit, but the quality is sooo much better than anywhere else.

    Anyways - I'd just like to discuss what everyone's favorite sites are and why they are their favorites, what problems people have with other sites, etc. You know, just have a nice conversation/debate.

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