Hey my fellow wikians. I want to keep this short and sweet as I'm rather tired. You may have noticed I've had a large inactivity on this wiki as of late, don't think that I'm leaving here! I am not leaving! I always want to contribute and make this wiki more useful. Sure, I've made my mistakes a good few times now but we all do, I'm glad I found this wiki and hope to still contribute.

Lately, I've had many, many turns happen to me. Some good, I'm starting a new news show for the internet with a 2000 euro budget (if we can raise that) and terrible, terrible news. I lost a very dear friend of mine just yesterday (29th) and that has caused a rather big struck at me I'm sure you guys will understand.

I'm not going to write plenty of my personal life here but just know I am NOT leaving and Lemurs my Soul Carnival 2 project is still underway, I will make that article more acceptable.

So, sorry guys. I really am. I didn't want to write a blog about this but putting it on talk pages isn't really that bright of an idea, and I didn't want to leave this on the inactive user section either, because I still hope to edit one or two times a day when I can.

I promise, I'll be back full throttle soon. And my recaps will be back when the manga returns and for the two weeks I missed out on I'll do mini-mini reviews on them also, don't worry.

Thank you.


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