Yes, I'm back. And hopefully this time I'll be here to stay. Would just like to say that I've appreciated you people for waiting. I've had many things happen to me in the last couple of months. But anyway, I'm starting the recap back up, I'm changing it ever so slightly. The manga will now be the first thing I review as I feel like it is a bigger chore to write about. You know that feeling, the feeling when you get your easy homework done and you left the tough subject for next? That's how I felt with my original format, to a certain extent. Plus I think I'll drop my name from the title, since I'm the only one who seems to make recaps of both a manga and anime I think I can keep it like this until someone else does the same. So without further ado, here we go!


482.Bad Recognition

Since this is my first recap in well over a month, I must say that thus far this arc has had a better start than the last one. Despite the fact I, like everyone else... am not fond of Yuki and even less fond of Shino. Or as I call her, Umbrella Girl. I still find it amazing that I name these characters from stupid things like this. I even remembered calling Riruka Barbie for a short while because of the Dollhouse, seriously.

But I'm here to talk about this chapter, so let's pretend for a duration that I've been around ever since because I could go on and on about things I missed. And I don't think anyone would be interested in knowing anyway. The chapter started with this Ivan guy getting kicked in the face by Ichigo, typical Kurosaki at his best.

But the main surprise(?) of this chapter was that this Ivan individual was a Quincy. I kind of predicted this, I had strong doubts he was an Arrancar. Been there, done that. And I sincerely doubt the Arrancar will return as antagonists. We already got confirmation that Nel and Grimmjow will return but I don't think we'll see the Arrancar's with much of a primary role again. And wow, Ivan's bow is huge. I'm sure Ichigo can take him on though, I'm wondering as to why he was there though.

And the second half revolves civilians disappearing from the Rukongai and that these Quincies are raging war on the Gotei 13, I presume it's revenge but I don't know. I can't predict anything. But there's nothing all too exciting that I can delve in at. Well maybe the odd fact that Yumichika has grown fur in his ears.

Decent chapter, hopefully it will start to get good next week.


  • Ivan is not an Arrancar, cookie goes to me.
  • Ichigo's badge has returned to it's original use.


  • What the heck are those things on Yumichika?

I give the chapter a 7/10.

Despite the fact I said that manga comes first on my priority list, the latest anime episode was a big deal one obviously, as it was the iconic chapter of The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc. Chapter 459, Death & Strawberry 2.


361.A New Appearance! Meet the Gotei 13!

Wow, this episode was awesome. I loved the early half and for once, the filler scenes were excellent. Especially the scene with the chains. It reminds me of why Ichigo fights, he is truly an inspirational character. And then we have Rukia stabbing him and restoring his Shinigami powers. Everyone's favorite scene in this entire arc. Mine however was Byakuya's victory over Tsukishima.

I'm somewhat surprised to see the colours of Ichigo's new appearance though. The chest strap looks more like a tattoo than what I imagined it to be. The music tracks in this episode were excellent, while I'm not one to know my music too much in Bleach I know when the music suits the theme and this episode was no exception, especially when the Gotei 13 arrived.

Ichigo's extended fight against Kugo was also a nice touch, and despite the fact I've got really tired of hearing Chokkaku (look! I do know SOME tracks from Bleach) it was a really nice touch for this fight. His practice swing was hilarious also, FWOOSH! What the crap! That thing was huge!

I don't want to banter too much about this episode because I don't have much time to. But I loved this episode and I don't see anything topping it for awhile.


  • Added filler scenes are for once, excellent.
  • Excellently done music.
  • Rukia's back in the anime!
  • Rukia's scene over kicking Ichigo in the face = hilarity.
  • Effortless practice swing made me laugh.
  • The red background behind the Gotei 13 was again, a really nice touch.


  • Nothing too major, but I was hoping the original Number One would of played when Ichigo got his powers back. For old timesake.

But that is not even worthy of decreasing my score of this episode, it gets a big 10/10 from me. Now, keep this up Pierrot!

Hope you guys enjoyed this recap, I hope it is passable, might be a bit difficult to get back into things again.

Update: And to all you people who say the Bleach anime is ending, I'll just say this... it's not.

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