Hey there Bleach Wikians and welcome to my first blog post. Thisie here is Cathal, an Irish chap who is well renowned for his sense of humour. Although I myself never see it, I see myself as the type of individual who just speaks what he thinks... if that even makes sense. And no, I'm not gonna try and rephase that, I type what I think.

History as a Bleach fan? Started watching the anime in late 2008 only to stop for three years (yes, that's three years) due to lack of internet, study and other stuff I can't be bothered to really list as it will not interest any of you. I read the manga volumes I had though (1-22) other than that though, minimal reading of Bleach until I got myself a fancy computer during the summer and caught right back up. I even forgot to go outdoors.

I like talking what I think and especially my opinion, I'm quite the nice guy and welcome to negetive feedback. Whether it's blogs, videos or even reports (Why did I just say "Or even?").

So I hope to express my opinion on current events that happen in Bleach, like we don't have many people who do that already (obvious sarcasm is hard to type out unless I use capitals, sorry). Might just give a bit of a mini-review of a manga and anime episode every so often. I won't be doing it all the time though as there's already many people here who do that already. Plus they're "Outta my league" so I'm a tad bit afraid to even talk to them. Heck, I get scared when I even see Godisme post (no offense if you ever read this), but who would blame me? He himself is claimed as a blithering God in the gender section!

Thanks for taking your time on reading this (seriously)! Expect my first mini-review er.... eventually!

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