Hey there guys, long time no see.

I want to keep this short but as simple as I can make it.

It has been well over six months since I done any proper contribution to the wiki, why? I've been really busy with personal matters. I stated one of the reasons in one of my blogs from awhile back. But I made this blog today just to state something one thing. I have NOT left this wiki, my leave has been long and I even feel a major guilt for my long absence as I promised to do contributions I never ended up doing but I haven't given up editing here. And while I made mistakes (don't we all?) I feel like I actually contributed quite well here during my main days of working here. Since I've never actually contributed anything since the previous arc ended it has been a really long time. Really, really long time. The manga has had nearly fifteen more chapters since I last wrote a blog (very rough estimate) oh, and the anime ended. Which is bad yes.

But I'm not here to ponder all too much on this matter, I'm more wondering on what I can do if I were to return the recap. Since I'm busy quite often I'm thinking that I'll write two manga reviews every fortnight (I used to write anime and manga reviews in one blog). I might even make it monthly, hopefully by the time all this work on projects and my personal life goes by I can finally begin fully contributing here again.

And thank you all who helped me get to where I am on here, when I joined I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to learn but I got over them and even though I've been gone for some time I still feel like I've got a chance to get back into things again.


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