Holy crap am I late this week!

Sorry guys, I've had a very busy week this past while, I'm working on this MAJOR project with a theatre group to make a news show and I'm going to be the main host. I can't really endorse it here as it's a wiki but if anyone wants to know more of it, I'll let you know in some way or another. I'll probably talk about it when the project gets closer to fruition.


Episode 355: The Shinigami Enter Battle! Seireitei Also Has a New Year Special!

Alright, I won't hold anything back on this one, I've NEVER liked these type of Bleach episodes. They are frustrating to watch and when it's finally over all I can do is gripe at a wasted week when we could of had some more stuff to do with the main story.

I'm going to try and keep this recap short though as I don't have much time, but keep in mind I've always had a keen dislike for these specials.

The first half staring Izuru and Shūhei was a below sub par story, sure it was all comical with the kite competition and that but I couldn't stand the moment when Momo was stuck up in the sky. Isn't she a Shinigami? Is it really that much a big deal if she were to of let go of that string? Plus, the story of her getting caught onto it in the first place was just... lame. Pure, pure lame.

Only point I like was seeing Shūhei again as he (before Rukia became one) was my favorite lieutenant. And it barely even counts as a positive point.

The second story starring Rukia and Renji the other hand was much better. Still not all that great though, it was a sweet story and I liked it but the parts with Renji bringing Rukia around to other captains? I didn't get it, even after watching the episode twice.

And finally we got the new closing. MASK. Was a pretty good opening, liked the part where Rukia turned up. It was a really nice concept of an opening and very creatively done. But, I still preferred "Re:pray" as it shown a good depth of loneliness in it though.


  • Nice change of pace being back at Soul Society.
  • Rukia's story was pretty nice.


  • That kite story was just... poor.
  • Momo stuck at the kite rope? Seriously?

I give the episode a 5/10. Next week (or tomorrow for that matter) will 90% likely be better.


Chapter 479: Goodbye to Our Xcution

A very nice chapter this week, not only do we get to see Ichigo's personality grow and show he's a much more respectful person but we also got to see that there are finally captains of third, fifth and ninth Division and get this, it's the visored, very predictable but still, I think there's too many Shinigami characters already, don't wanna overload.

And I'm speaking for everyone when I say this, but what happened to all the other members? Did any of them gain back their original positions or was it just Shinji, Rose and Kensei? I REALLY hope we get an answer, still looking for the Kugo Bankai explanation also Kubo!

Ichigo's return was pretty entertaining seeing Renji being the comical goofball he still is was good thing. And Suì-Fēng still being that stuck up (excuse my French) b*tch was also a good thing to see, plus her hair looks similar to her young appearance? Bit odd but alright.

And Ukitake in the ending is what made it for me, seeing that he didn't become a bad person afterall. I had a scared feeling that what Kugo said could have led Ukitake bad. I'm glad that isn't the case. He's not a bad person and I don't want him to become one.

And Riruka in the ending, leaving Karakura Town (it seems) was a tinsy bit saddening, I still hope she returns in the future.

And I sincerely doubt she killed herself, some people brought up the prediction that's what happened to her, I'd say she is just returning to her family.

In the end, excellent chapter this week. And this is the last one for the next two (and a bit) weeks. So it was nice to get a conclusion like this, if this chapter marked the end of the arc it was a good way to. Last chapter was just very unsatisfying.


  • Visored becoming captains while predictable, was a nice thing to do.
  • Ichigo showing respect to Kugo was a great thing for his character to do.
  • Ukitake still a nice guy.


  • None to really list out.

Chapter gets a 9.4 out of 10.

Thanks for reading guys and the support. Appreciate it.

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