Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully this year we can get our wiki more and more "up there" with every week and month that follows! And sorry that I was late again for this, I was out last night and it was a great night. Hope you all had a great Christmas. I was busy chowing down on meats and cheese while playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, I felt like a king. Well thanks to that my editing fell ever so slightly behind. I haven't been all that active. But make no fear! My editing is back! Take your pick whether that's a good or bad thing.

Well enough blabbering, recap time.


Episode 354: Ichigo vs. Ginjō! To the Game's Space

Huzzah! A great episode this week just like I crossed my fingers into hoping it would be! On the visual side of things it was a major step up from last week's episode, I don't recall any repeats happening at all this time and the visuals of Yukio's Fullbring are excellently done. And that brings me (see what I did there?) onto the next subject, Yukio's Fullbring and the awesome sound affects. Now I'm a big gamer and hearing those 8-bit like sound affects and the Street Fighter background just made me giggle and was a great touch Pierrot done.

And I haven't even touched on the actual plot yet! It was an excellent one and Tsukishima feels much more dangerous in the anime than he ever did in the manga. I know I've said that a few times but I think he is being done excellently thus far. Not only that, (while this isn't really relevant as he didn't appear in the episode) Moe is becoming a bigger star to me lately, but I'll talk more about that in the manga recap. Ichigo's mini fight against Kugo was really nice too. And seeing Ichigo's Fullbring blade up close looked... weird. Watery like. The texture I mean. It was nice and rather creative for Pierrot to do something like that.

And lets not forget the ending showing Rukia's reveal. Like what Lemurs said, it was best just to reveal Rukia now. If they were going to make her talk, it was going to be y'know pretty darn obvious who it was so might as well just reveal her now. It was a nice sight seeing my dear Rukia before the end of the year, and was probably my favorite moment from the arc yet.


  • Yukio's Fullbring is really well done.
  • Ichigo's Fullbring is... watery!
  • Final Fantasy like Omake, oh Japan I <3 you.
  • Rukia!!!


Can't think of any really.

I give the episode a whopping 9.6 out of 10. Nice one Pierrot, now keep the episodes of this quality at all time now please.


Chapter 478: THE LOST 3

Unfortunately, this manga chapter is not all that good, it really is at "meh" level, it just feels like Kubo got bored and decided to skip a few chapters for the fun of it.

I'll start with the positive points, because I am a positive person. Moe is the true star of this chapter, now I know people complain that it seems what Ikkaku told him, he just threw it to the back of his head. But I think that's rather funny. He's like a loyal family dog and wouldn't ever turn on his owner no matter what happens. And the other positive point is Riruka showing some emotion for once. Finally, she isn't all moaning and yelling afterall! Well, that was kinda covered in the last chapter but still, Riruka winning lately is always a good thing. Orihime is to thank for that to make Riruka cry. Oh Orihime, while I was glad to see you become more dependent on yourself you still let a few tears out every now and again, and that is a good thing.

Now the bad, Jackie is alive? Didn't she like, blow up? And she lost her Fullbring thanks to that? Okay I guess if any Fullbringer ever did want to lose their powers that's all they needed to do. Blow up, survive and your powers will be gone? Okay, got it.

And Kugo is dead, I'm sorry but if that was the chapter that was supposed to have been his send-off it was a terrible one, give us that flashback! Tsukishima seemed to have died just there also, so kill off the best characters from this whole arc altogether? It seems Kubo was just trying to make all the Bleach fans who complained that there were no Shinigami happy again, and of all honesty like I said in my banter last week it was really cool to see Bleach go back into the more basic style set in the Human World, the first season and arc of Bleach are still one of my all time favorites.

It seems this arc came to a close now, I guess the next few chapters will be like epilogue ones now. I'd guess this will go on for 2-3 more chapters.

Overall, disappointing chapter.


  • Moe shalt obey his master!
  • Orihime getting Riruka to show that she has a heart? Well done Ms. Inoue!


  • It felt like it literally skipped 3 chapters.
  • Jackie survived powerless, was there really a point to bring her back then?
  • If Kugo is dead, most underwhelming death in Bleach ever.

I give it a 4.5 out of 10. Yes, I can be cruel too with my reviews you know.

Happy New Year everybody! Here's to more editing and silly banters in the future!

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