Hey guys, my Bleach Awards thing is still going to happen! I decided to hold if back until after Christmas day, it will most likely be made into a forum, I have all the categories created, hopefully it will not dissappoint!

Well time to get started with the reviews!


Episode 352: Tsukishima Attacks! The Training Has Been Thwarted

I... don't really know what to say about this week's slice, it was good somewhat, and bad another. Like last week, there was the noticeable amount of laziness when the animator decided to repeat the animations. Thankfully though it was not as bad as last week.

Sound quality side it was top notch this week, I'm finally coming to liking Riruka's voice also. And having a Number One moment when Ichigo fought Jackie was awesome, feel like we've been lacking some of that lately. And they always make Ichigo look epic.

Ichigo's fight against Jackie as a whole though? It felt like it was dragging. I didn't want to sound too against it though, it was adapted really well from the manga but those chapters didn't amaze me all that much to begin with, which is funny because next week's episode is going to be based on one of my favorite chapters of the entire arc! So hopefully, there won't be disappoint!

But easily the best part of the episode was it's ending, Ichigo's second Fullbring looks brilliant, it looks the way I imagined it would in the manga, having a ghostly feel to it, and the anime not only nailed it, but screwed it in and won first prize! So yes, fantastic looking Fullbring. It was in the shape and moved in the way I wanted it to!


  • Ichigo's second Fullbring form is epic.
  • Number One moment! Huzzah!
  • Jackie's Fullbring is easier to understand in the anime, slightly confused me in the manga.


  • Animation repeats again? Really Pierrot?

I give the episode an 8 out of 10, Next week's one will hopefully be as awesome as the manga chapter was!


Chapter 477: THE LOST 2

While a really short chapter, plenty of stuff happens happens left and right! Seems yes, Riruka was inside Rukia's body, (I still have some predictions on this I don't want to say as of yet regarding that) Tsukishima is still fully alive and... I hope this isn't the case, Kugo died.

My only gripe with this is the fight, I can never really enjoy the manga fights. Well I used to, but it could just be they have only recently started back again, my all time favorite Bleach fight in the manga was Ichigo's fight against Grimmjow, re-read that endlessly. Heck, I still do to this day! But here's the point, Ichigo's fights to me aren't entertaining me as much anymore, I loved Byakuya's fight against Tsukishima and it was one of my all time favorite Bleach chapters this year when Byakuya beat him. Ichigo's fights though, I could never really get a kick out of them in the manga, except his one against Grimmjow and the one against Byakuya. The anime always does it fantastically though. Yes, it does not really make much sense to me what I'm typing either but it really is hard to express this, I have a different opinion on Ichigo's entertainment on actually delivering a good fight in one of the manga chapters. While in the anime, he is always fantastic.

But the best part of this chapter was it's closing. Again, ending with the best part. Showing a young Tsukishima (with a fresh scar wound I gather) with a younger Kugo. Like what Godisme said, I hope to get a Turn Back The Pendulum for Kugo. please Kubo! Make it happen!


  • Last page.
  • Riruka is oka--- oh wait, she was stabbed.
  • Tsukishima's alive...? Wow, for a human he sure is tough.


  • Ichigo and Kugo's fight as a whole, was a disappointment.

I also, give this an 8 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed the read!

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