I sure hope this blog entry wins longest blog entry title of the year.

I'm back! Make sure to stick around! There's somewhat of a unique announcement I'll be making at the end of the reviews! Which will definitely be short this week as there isn't much to say about neither of them... and I sure hope to God I won't end up in a ramble like I did last week.


Episode 351: Fullbring, The Detested Power!

A subpar episode this week, it was a filler trying to give Jackie more depth. All it did was show a more stern side to her character. I was really surprised to see her early life so early in the anime though. That really was the only strong point of this week.

Ichigo fights Mr. Pork 2 and Bone-Skin having a purely unnecessary training fight. Plus, the animation was slightly clunky this week. It shown way too many animation repeats, and I never like those.

The only thing the episode seemed to accomplish in my mind was giving Giriko a good profile picture for this wiki.


  • Jackie's past getting an early adaption.
  • Hilarious omake this week.


  • Clunky animation.
  • Could the writers have found a way to make this at least look like a genuine part of the arc? Like episode 347 did?

Give this episode a 6.5 out of 10. Disappointing in my eyes.


Chapter 476: THE LOST

Brilliant chapter this week! Well aside from the fact the we still haven't got a full explanation on how Kugo could do Bankai or have Hollowfication. I'm not letting my speculations from last week's review go just yet, still have a good feeling it could happen.

The Shinigami leave Ichigo to finish Kugo off and they seem to be ready to leave. Silly really though, after not seeing Ichigo for nearly two years I thought they would of at least stuck around for some tea.

Well the reason why this chapter stands out to me is that Ichigo is finally back full on in action and fighting again. It's been too long since he last fought for real.

I wonder where the heck Uryu went though?


  • Bankai is back in the game!
  • Kenpachi being Kenpachi.


None to think of.

Give the chapter a 9.3 out of 10.

Okay, announcement time!

The Bleach wiki awards

(working title)

Now this is something I've been thinking of doing ever since I actually joined the wiki, next week seems to be the best time to do it also. But you're obviously wondering what the heck it is well to put it bluntly next Friday (or the Friday after) I'll post a blog that will have something like this:

  • Character of the Year
  • Chapter of the Year

And many, many more of these will be placed on my blog, I was thinking of making this into a forum and I may still but right now, I'm tempted just to place it on my blog.

I do this thing on many, many other sites I have a blog to. (note, when I say many I just mean one.) Normally dedicated to the franchise itself and we enlist the best characters of the year, best fight scene, best ability and yada, yada.

I already have a good few I'm enlisting, I'm not too sure if anyone on this wiki ever done anything like this before and since this is my first year here I wouldn't anyway, so what is really stopping me for doing it now?

I'll probably be posting this in a week or two, I want to hold back a little bit longer since there are still some chapters and episodes out before the end of the year.

Now, my blogs aren't all that popular obviously I write the reviews because I simply love typing and having a place where I can express my opinions. It's one of the main reasons why I love coming on this every Saturday/Sunday to write these reviews. I know not many people read them (if any do at all) but if you do, I appreciate your support greatly, and I strongly influence other users on this wiki to do it also, don't let the fact that some users here review already and let your voice be heard! One of the greatest things of this wiki are the users that inhabit it and we all need our voices to be heard!

And that is also one of the reasons why I'm deciding on doing this award thingamajig. Just because I'm not one of the cool kids like Lemur of God it doesn't mean I can't do something useful for the community as a whole.

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