Alright there friendios! And welcome to my third blog which I review episode 346 and chapter 471.

I'm going to make sure I get down to the point this time and not ramble on for ages. These are supposed to be short reviews after all (expect these reviews up on Saturdays... today was an exception).


Episode 346: The Fullbring User·Kūgo Ginjō

A rather "dark" episode is the best way to describe this. I mentioned this before but I think the lighting is being a tad bit dark. While Xcution is supposed to have that mysterious vibe I think the animators might be slightly overdoing it lately. Seeing Chad back was rather welcoming. And as I hoped, his goatee owns.

Wasn't wrong on my first guess, I'm not fond of Riruka's voice at all, just sounds too light, I expected Riruka to have that stern rude voice. The voice she has makes her sound like a... nah, shouldn't say it here.

The sound a Fullbring creates is indeed an unusual one, and the fact its green is also another cool addition, I was expecting it to be purple strangely.

Interesting fact, this is the first episode I ever got to watch in HD. Interesting eh?

Seems there's going to be a good lot of filler scenes next episode, which I'm okay with.

Plus, that Xcution dictionary, love it.


  • Fullbring effects look solid, loving the green style, despite the fact it made Kūgo look like he's drinking sewage.
  • Finally seeing Chad return made me smile.
  • Xcution dictionary.


  • Will just have to get used to Megumi I guess.
  • An episode set in pretty much nothing but a dark room didn't bode too well with me.

Give the episode a 8.5 out of 10. Great episode with some minor drawbacks for me.


Chapter 471: Pray for Predators 2

There's not much I can say about this chapter, it's what people wanted. We got to finally got to see more of the history of Xcution.

Giriko's was plain weird though, but in a good way, Riruka's one was just plain weird.

Jackie's was the most interesting one to me though, as most of them in my perspective were just some plain ideas, sorry but that's just the way I see it right now.

Then in the present day Riruka is still fighting Rukia, she manages to transform Rukia back to her Shinigami state but she seems to be impaled...?

Hopefully this fight can carry some redemption next week.


  • Jackie's past is a creepy but interesting one.
  • Rukia finally being out of that plushie means this fight may finally get interesting.
  • Drawings of young Xcution members were all well done and I could identify them all.


  • Pretty lackluster stories about their pasts though, pretty sure it'll get better eventually.

Give this chapter an 8.5. Bring on next week!

Comments are welcome, appreciate feedback also!

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