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Hey there Wikians, this here is my new (and only) segment on the Bleach wiki, where I recap an episode from the anime and the manga.

They'll be short reviews so to speak. I don't want to go into much details with them as many people here already do that. I may occassionally do that though, as I have a tendency for bantering on and on. Apologies in advance.

So with further ado lets begin!


Episode 345: 'Uryū is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends!

Since this is my first time expressing my opinion on the episode I guess I should say that I've really enjoyed The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc. In both anime and manga. After all the violence that occured during Aizen's invasion I was glad to see the pacing return to a more "back to basics" style so to speak. Plus, I loved many of the new characters of Xcution. I just really hate the fact this arc gets so much hate.

Oh great, I already began bantering, not going to say sorry though... because I already did... technically.

But onto the review, it was a really nice episode. Morita's voice of Ichigo has had a depth of loneliness since the arc began, when I hear it I feel like I'm about to go crying face. Riruka's was... ugh I don't know really. Maybe it's too early to judge it but it doesn't have the best first impression for me as of yet. Tsukishima's is brilliant though, he sounds like the type of guy who would pick up the ladies in a tractor (I'm Irish, you'll have get over my lame jokes).

Ichigo throwing his badge into the... canal? Or river? I'm not too sure what I should call it was a very surprising twist, I really want to know how he'll get it back...? Animation was good, but I don't think it was as nice as last weeks though. I think it's just being too dark lately.


  • Nice new twist in the plot with the badge being thrown out.
  • Ichigo's voice has made me feel more sorry for him now than ever before.
  • Tsukishima's voice is excellent.


  • Riruka's voice slightly dissappoints me.
  • I think the lighting is too dark lately. (This goes for all episodes as of late not just this one but since this is my first review might as well point it out)

I give the episode a total of 8.5 out of 10. Was not my favorite episode of the arc thus far but was still a nice surprise. Onto the manga!


Chapter 470: Pray for Predators

As of chapter 459, everyone loves Bleach again with Rukia back and Ichigo with his restored Shinigami powers, I loved both their new appearances also. But not Rukia's newest one.... a devil plushie... thingamajig.

It's obviously got a "cute" factor going on but I was dissappointed that it wasn't anything surprising, felt predictable to me. Plus, Rukia can use her powers inside the plushie. Again, I kinda guessed this. Pretty sure they were obvious plot twists though. Byakuya and Tsukishima's fight still seems like the big deal one out there thus far, I have a pretty good prediction on how that battle will turn out though.

I'm making myself look like I know everything with all these "predictions" whoopsie, but in all honesty they were predictable.

Ichigo's fight against Kūgo went underway, I feel like we should of seen the Kuchikis wrap up their fights first but I don't really mind. Kūgo has some rather cliché moves though, just to give him Ichigo's powers. Getsuga after Getsuga is what I'm predicting will happen, and I'm not a fanboy at all of him, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing Hollow Ichigo again really soon. Drawing wise, this was one of the better chapters. While Bleach never has too much of detailed backgrounds this week I had a nice surprise with the drawings. Well done Kubo, well done.


  • Really nice drawing this week.
  • Finally got Uryū back in action.
  • Xcution's past going to be revealed next week? Judging by the flashbacks it will hopefully not be that long a wait!


  • Rukia's fight looks like it will be a pure disappointment, pity as she's my favorite character and has not been in a decent fight for a long time.
  • Riruka can't outrun a plushie? Seriously? I know it still has Shinigami powers but that just makes her look stupid.

I give the chapter a 7.0 out of 10. One half good, other half dissappointing. Not bad, just not as good as I was crossing my fingers for it to be.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews, please feel free to leave any feedback, all is welcome to me. Advice would also be welcoming. I'd really like to do anime/chapter reviews more often though, sure there's people here who already do it but does one new person really cause much of a hassle...? Well, I sure hope it doesn't!

Thanks for reading!

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