Okay, so first things first: HOLY HELL!!

-clears throat- Now that I have illustrated my reaction to Rose's Bankai being revealed and wiped off the drool hanging from my gaping mouth, let's review.

Kensei bounces straight back but Mask starts displaying his different techniques and pummels Kensei to the ground, grievously wounding his sword arm. With Mask suitably distracted, Rose does what I'm so bloody glad he did in ripping James apart. Snivelling little git. And on a more practical perspective, Mask now lacks a cheering audience.

And in a page that sent a wave of glee throughout my body, Rose's brilliant and terrible Bankai is revealed: Kinshara Butoudan. It's everything I expected of Rose and more. So wonderfully more.

He showcases his illusory abilities and hints at the possibility of him being able to create and develop his own techniques within Bankai, given that the third act was made specifically for Mask.

And then it's cut short. Mask DESTROYS HIS EARDRUMS *head meets desk violently* and proceeds to blast a star-cero into Rose's torso. Renji arrives to save Rose further damage and with the promise of this fight getting better and better.

Though, frankly, Kensei seems out of it and Rose too probably (DAMN YOU KUBO AND YOUR PENCHANT FOR REVEALING ABILITIES THEN HAVING THE WIELDER IMMEDIATELY CRUSHED), so it's down to Renji and with any luck, Rukia/Hisagi.

I love you Kubo, but you're walking a fine line with Rose and thus me just now. -____-

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