This chapter was pretty damn awesome.

Mask decides to go to Rukia and Renji's place of arrival because plenty of people will notice him, giving us an early hint at his power. Kensei and Rojuro arrive FINALLY. This should make for some more great material, and I love Rojuro and was disappointed nothing had been shown of him at all this arc, really.

Hisagi has definitely achieved something through his training, as Kensei scolds him for losing before even using his new power. We get to see Tekken Tachikaze once more and this time we learn its ability and, in my opinion, its pretty cool. To make things burst violently upon contact makes sense for someone as aggressive as Kensei.

Kensei is strong enough to block Mask's attack with ease and seemingly decimate him in two swift blows. Rojuro guesses there's nothing for him to do *sad face* but thankfully he's proven wrong as Mask comes back with the help of James and smashes both captains away. I think it's safe to assume this fight is far from over, so GO ROSE!

Mask's ability was predictable in the sense that he's a fisticuffs combatant and it only makes sense that he should get bigger and more muscly. It does bear an annoyingly obvious resemblance to Yammy and his Ira but the trigger for Mask's growth is quite interesting and explains that James actually serves a purpose other than comic relief. (Thank God)

Mask's epithet was not what most people were expecting it seems, but still makes sense and is arguably cooler and more appropriate. S: The Superstar.

Great chapter, setting up what I hope is a great battle. And if all goes well, we could bear witness to two eagerly anticipated Bankai: Hisagi's and Rojuro's (maybe that's just me).

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