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  • Caesarea37

    Okay, so first things first: HOLY HELL!!

    -clears throat- Now that I have illustrated my reaction to Rose's Bankai being revealed and wiped off the drool hanging from my gaping mouth, let's review.

    Kensei bounces straight back but Mask starts displaying his different techniques and pummels Kensei to the ground, grievously wounding his sword arm. With Mask suitably distracted, Rose does what I'm so bloody glad he did in ripping James apart. Snivelling little git. And on a more practical perspective, Mask now lacks a cheering audience.

    And in a page that sent a wave of glee throughout my body, Rose's brilliant and terrible Bankai is revealed: Kinshara Butoudan. It's everything I expected of Rose and more. So wonderfully more.

    He showcases his ill…

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  • Caesarea37

    This chapter was pretty damn awesome.

    Mask decides to go to Rukia and Renji's place of arrival because plenty of people will notice him, giving us an early hint at his power. Kensei and Rojuro arrive FINALLY. This should make for some more great material, and I love Rojuro and was disappointed nothing had been shown of him at all this arc, really.

    Hisagi has definitely achieved something through his training, as Kensei scolds him for losing before even using his new power. We get to see Tekken Tachikaze once more and this time we learn its ability and, in my opinion, its pretty cool. To make things burst violently upon contact makes sense for someone as aggressive as Kensei.

    Kensei is strong enough to block Mask's attack with ease and seeming…

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  • Caesarea37

    Well well well, this was quite an exciting chapter. Let's get right down to it.

    We begin by returning to Shunsui and Haschwalth who have yet to begin battling. That would normally be a disappointment to me but we get a good exchange between them and it leads into some very interesting stuff. They agree on a modest opinion that the battles are going evenly. Haschwalth hints at there being a specific reason why he has confronted Shunsui, though further into the chapter I believe another is revealed. At this moment he says it is his role to tip the scales in the Wandenreich's favour. He destroys the reishi barrier between them and explains he had been sapping it from his side, but commends the skill of Nanao who reveals that she too had been a…

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  • Caesarea37

    Back again, I hope those of you who take the time out to read this, perhaps in addition to Xilinoc's, enjoy it.

    We open with a nice coloured flashback of Komamura's foxy old man saying that he is now proud of Sajin, which, without giving the game away too soon, seems to mean pride in him taking revenge and not pride in defending the shinigami, which he had shown distaste for previously. Over the course of the chapter it is made clear that the spirit of Komamura's clan is revenge and that the secret human transformation technique is a technique likely developed to that end, hence why the old dog takes pride in Sajin for the first time. Maybe, it's all a bit confusing in this chapter.

    We move on to frames showing that Dangai Joue's attack has …

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  • Caesarea37

    Hello again everyone, I'm back with only my second review on this site, following last week's epic chapter. This chapter however, is infinitely more epic.

    While reading, give "Lucifers Dance (Part A_Opus1)" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Hell Chapter soundtrack, a listen.

    We start with explosions and what looks to be the last of Dangai Joue's armour being shed, setting the scene for some fantastic action. Bambietta is stunned by the sight before her as Komamura's upgraded Bankai launches its attack. Bambietta shoots away from the rubble and expresses her disbelief at the fact that there is no dog beneath the armour to match the wielder of the zanpakutou. She wonders if it is beneath the grim visage of Dangai Joue and launches her attack towards i…

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