• CJett92

    Well, first attempt at a blog. Here we go!

    So it's no secret that the Deicides have been going on for far too long now, and we're all getting tired of them. One thing I've been seeing is a lot of people guessing how long these chapters could run for. At Deicide 5, people were saying it would probably go up to 8 or so. When it hit 9, everyone said it would top out at 15. Once Deicide 16 came around, we all believed it couldn't possibly go passed 20. Well, it looks like it won't end here, so here's what I'm going to do about it. We'll have a little bet as to what chapter it'll end at!

    Obviously, we can't bet anything physical, so the winner can simply say, "HA! I beat you all!" to the other people. I'm personally betting on 26. So what do you …

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