hello everyone this is my first blog so please don't be to harsh. i am writing this to express my feelings about bleach and this is not to bring about any arguments but if it does i am sorry.

i have been reading and watching bleach wright from the start it has always been really amazing and i have done several cosplays as many of my favorite characters from the series. i know there will be a huge up roar in the bleach community after everyone has read the new chapter but i would just like to get this out there first. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it i will not comment on any of the specifics but i really did enjoy it and have been for a while. i loved the fullbring arc even though most seamed to not enjoy it and i have loved the direction bleach is still going and i don't see the reason for the hate. the way i see it if this was all real and all that had happened to me and i had given up all my power to save basically the world i wouldn't want to know about my dads past as it would bring up painful memory and even when i got my power back there higher issues than his past. and i know people complain about a lac of ichigos hollow powers no knew info on his past his dad zero squad or anything and all i can say is sit back relax and wait........... it is not our manga and therefor we can not really change anything but as far as i am concerned nothing needs to change. yes some very major and popular characters have died and a lot of people feel they were really just killed for killing sake but that is the penalty of war, the whole way through the series several people have told ichigo not to go into battle cross but Byakuya basically tried that and so did the head captain so really its there own fault. the last thing all i can really say is we should stop the hate i love bleach and always have i hope they make the last arc into an anime series but if they don't oh well so stop the hate people bleach is awesome and if you don't like don't read simple...............................

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