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    Betting odds: Aizens death

    November 3, 2009 by BollyW

    Ok opening odds are:

    Death by Ichigo - $1.20 - (Minato-$1.50)

    Death by Shinji - $2.00

    Death by Urahara - $2.50

    Death by Hitsugaya - $10.00

    Death by Yamamoto - $12.00 - Bk1217

    Death by Isshin - $15.00 - Tinni

    Death by Gin - $20.00 - Bk1217

    Death by Orihime -  $50.00 - (Tinni-$25.00)

    Death by falling out of the sky and landing on a sharp object - $501.00 - Bk1217

    Any other nominees will be added at long odds, odds will change at nominations plus my mood swings. Have some fun, the winners get internet dollars.

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