This chapter was interesting. It starts off with all of them coming out of the Garganta, there is is some comedy at the start, and the characters are drawn quite well. We got a few more characters returning, but it probably is not a big deal to much fans, since it's the fracción and the not to well know Números, Loly and Menoly. Harribel's fracción also make their reappearance, but the thing that confuses me is the outfits they are now wearing, as well as the the way their mask remains look like now. They each look larger than before, and Sung-Sun seems to have added a fabric of some sort on her head now, and Apacci's mask looks like a gladiator heLmet.

Great chapter, problems and rescue mission are brewing, and I can feel the popularity of Bleach return even more than before. We all have even more to look forward to each week. My rating: four stars out of five.

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