This blog post is the second for my bleach tribute, and we are now on season 2: Soul society: the sneak entry arc (episodes 21-41) As I said on my blog post for the agent of the shinigami arc, I will be doing one for each canon arc, plus a little extra for the thousand year blood war arc.(each month or so. I'm just a little lazy)

This arc is were Ichigo and his friends infiltrate the Soul Society to save their friend Rukia from execution. The shinigami captains and their customs were finally revealed, so this was a wonderful arc.

Your stars in this arc: 1. Ichigo Kurosaki (he's the main character. What do you expect?) 2. Rukia Kuchiki 3. Byakuya Kuchiki(antagonist) 4. Ichimaru Gin 5. Aizen Souske (I'm just running out of ideas)

Onto the greatness! Top three things in no particular order: 1. Renji's flashback of his childhood with Rukia. It was very realistic. They had fun together, and they looked for food together. They were just happy. Renji's fight with Ichigo made him realize that all along, he really missed her and regretted not stopping her from parting ways back when they were in the shino academy. A good author really had to think thes things through, and it think this was fantastically well done.

2. Aizen pinned to a tower. Completely unexpected. Two words, and two words only: PLOT TWIST.

3. During Ichigo's fight with Kenpachi, he learned how to harness more of Zangetsu's power. Its one of those classic hero moments were the protagonist get a boost in power and is sure to win the battle. It never gets old.

Terrible times:

1. Ganju shiba. In my opinion, a terrible idea, and a terrible character. He's a coward in front of his sister, too. And honestly, I didn't even care about it when o found out the Kaien was his Brother.


weird idea...

2.Chad vs kyoraku. I think every "Chad" battle is boring. Kyoraku basically does nothing and he wins in about 10 seconds and nearly kills Chad. Huzzah.

3. Now that would be episode 28. Most of it was nearly meaningless, except for that part were a bit of uryu's power was shown. Orhime had that "damsel in distress role" as she always is.

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