Hi again, I was thinking, since Bleach (the anime) has stopped, I will do a highlight for each arc of Bleach, but not including the fillers as a tribute for those wonderful seven and a half years of the series. Just for fun. The first one of course, would be the agent of the shinigami arc. The start of the series, the base of the series. This arc, of course, was not a favorite among the fans. But, the start is important for understanding the rest.

Your stars in this arc: 1. Ichigo Kurosaki (duh) 2. Rukia Kuchiki 3. Urahara Kisuke 4. Sado Yastora 5. Orhime Inoue 6. Uryu Ishida 7. Urahara Kisuke

Let's start with the top three moments: 1. I would, most definitely go for Ichigo's encounter and battle with Renji and Byakuya. I bet, somewhere in 2002, all the people loved that moment there. Now, who did not like that? A surprise plot twist, a you-know-who-older-brother was willing to capture his own sister so she could get punished for her non-intentional crime: transferring her Shinigami powers to a human. It brought up the new subject, the sword release of a zanpakto. It also brought another ability, now known as shunpo. At first, I thought Byakuya was not much, but after I I saw him effortlessly slice up Ichigo's sword, I was dumbfounded. Only on word came to my mind. WOW. The other thing that made this part even more amazing was the speech the Rukia gave before she left to Soul Society. Heart-wrenching.

2. The next is Ichigo's encounter with the grand fisher, also the murderer of Ichigo's mother. The whole thing was full of dread. The most important thing, it think is that it described more about our main protagonist. It explains his constant bad attitude and frowning. The people at his school always saw him as a delinquent, and that his negativity was natural. I just LOVE it when things like this gets proven wrong. Ichigo has always had a soft side, but never really used it. He used it with little kids, his sister, Orihime, and plenty more. Tell me, would you really like your teachers to call you a delinquent? A trouble maker? Of course not.

3. Episode one has to be on the list. We got ourselves some comedy, (the father-son fight) and the introduction of the protagonist's family. We have the introduction of Shinigami, and our first battle. 

Now, we got to the worst things in this arc. Every arc must have something so random, so strange, it just sucks.

1. Don Kannoji. Do I need to say any more? It was Kubo's most random idea. The way he speaks and the tone he speaks is already enough to bring me to insanity. 

2. That kid in the cocktail that was taken by Chad. Is that really the best thing Kubo could think of then? Please. How the heck could a soul end up in a bird? The Shrieker was interesting, but a boy's spirit in a bird is kind of boring to me. 3. The last thing is when Chad got his fullbring. It was not to exciting, and the battle was a little confusing.

Opening: it's called Asterisk by Orange Range. Pretty good song. Endings: First is Life is Like a Boat by Rie Fu, and Thank you!!! by Home Made Kazoku.

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