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  • Blossomofdeath

    Bleach Tribute 2

    April 29, 2012 by Blossomofdeath

    This blog post is the second for my bleach tribute, and we are now on season 2: Soul society: the sneak entry arc (episodes 21-41) As I said on my blog post for the agent of the shinigami arc, I will be doing one for each canon arc, plus a little extra for the thousand year blood war arc.(each month or so. I'm just a little lazy)

    This arc is were Ichigo and his friends infiltrate the Soul Society to save their friend Rukia from execution. The shinigami captains and their customs were finally revealed, so this was a wonderful arc.

    Your stars in this arc: 1. Ichigo Kurosaki (he's the main character. What do you expect?) 2. Rukia Kuchiki 3. Byakuya Kuchiki(antagonist) 4. Ichimaru Gin 5. Aizen Souske (I'm just running out of ideas)

    Onto the great…

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  • Blossomofdeath

    Bleach Tribute

    April 8, 2012 by Blossomofdeath

    Hi again, I was thinking, since Bleach (the anime) has stopped, I will do a highlight for each arc of Bleach, but not including the fillers as a tribute for those wonderful seven and a half years of the series. Just for fun. The first one of course, would be the agent of the shinigami arc. The start of the series, the base of the series. This arc, of course, was not a favorite among the fans. But, the start is important for understanding the rest.

    Your stars in this arc: 1. Ichigo Kurosaki (duh) 2. Rukia Kuchiki 3. Urahara Kisuke 4. Sado Yastora 5. Orhime Inoue 6. Uryu Ishida 7. Urahara Kisuke

    Let's start with the top three moments: 1. I would, most definitely go for Ichigo's encounter and battle with Renji and Byakuya. I bet, somewhere in 2…

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  • Blossomofdeath

    This chapter was interesting. It starts off with all of them coming out of the Garganta, there is is some comedy at the start, and the characters are drawn quite well. We got a few more characters returning, but it probably is not a big deal to much fans, since it's the fracción and the not to well know Números, Loly and Menoly. Harribel's fracción also make their reappearance, but the thing that confuses me is the outfits they are now wearing, as well as the the way their mask remains look like now. They each look larger than before, and Sung-Sun seems to have added a fabric of some sort on her head now, and Apacci's mask looks like a gladiator heLmet.

    Great chapter, problems and rescue mission are brewing, and I can feel the popularity of…

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  • Blossomofdeath

    Episode 366

    This is my first blog post, and I'm still not a very experienced editor and I can tell that some (or most) of the time I have no idea how to do things. I know a lot of others, and you probably know who they are already, have talked and reviewed about the final episode. But I liked this episode very much, and a lot of people probably did as well, so i just could not help but write one. I'm not devastated the anime ended, and I also assume that the anime will start up again in the future. Everybody was probably bored with with the scenes with Tsukishima in it, but I was actually glad about a part they cut out in the scene before he Shishigawara appears. One thing I don't like in what happened in the manga was that Tsukishima screa…

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