Just wanted to say I'm thoroghly enjoying the current anime ark, and even though it's slightly predictable which way it's going to go, I really like the characters. The main point being the story telling was excellent, Koga and Muramasa's story is actually pretty emotional, I mean, I'm not breaking down in tears but I was actually really sad for Koga and then Muramasa. I mean the only anime based moment that's moved me more anime wise is in Full Metal Alchemist when the little girls father merges her with a dog, and then scar splats her on a wall. ( You need to watch Full Metal Alchemist to fully understand how devestating that was.)

Also, the manga is really kicking off as well. I was slightly disapointed with Tosen's death though, I mean, It was unexpected, but it seemed a little too easy a death, like the espada. You'll know I wasn't a big fan of how the top three espada died either if you've read my previous posts.

Whats annoying me though is that the current anime ark is not being considered Cannon, so for example kenpachi's flash step hasn't really happened? I'm actually really looking forward to seeing Kenpachi and Byakuya fighting yammy and Shiji squaring off against Aizen.

P.S guys sorry for editing pages without know what i'm doing, i'm quite new to this, so i'm going to leave it to you pros for a while, keep up the good work.

Bloody Bankai.

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