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October 16, 2009
  • Bloody Bankai

    Just wanted to say I'm thoroghly enjoying the current anime ark, and even though it's slightly predictable which way it's going to go, I really like the characters. The main point being the story telling was excellent, Koga and Muramasa's story is actually pretty emotional, I mean, I'm not breaking down in tears but I was actually really sad for Koga and then Muramasa. I mean the only anime based moment that's moved me more anime wise is in Full Metal Alchemist when the little girls father merges her with a dog, and then scar splats her on a wall. ( You need to watch Full Metal Alchemist to fully understand how devestating that was.)

    Also, the manga is really kicking off as well. I was slightly disapointed with Tosen's death though, I mean,…

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  • Bloody Bankai

    Something has struck me throughout the Bleach Anime so far. That is that people's power levels keep changing reaching new heights in every Ark. Now obviously I can offer the simple explanations of growing stronger over time, and people gaining new abilities like Ichigo's hollow mask. However I would like your opinions on the following.


    Kenpachi Vs Ichigo (No Bankai, No Hollow Mask) - Kenpachi has proven to be one of the strongest Captains in the Bleach universe time and time again. Easily beating down two captains who were using Bankai with his own sword still sealed and defeating an espada lvl opponent even after receiving massive damage from his opponent. Now, it has been explained that Kenpachi was out of practice in this fight, but thi…

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