Stupid Pre Organized Irritating Longingness Erasing Ruiners !!!

I'm pretty much Sick of 'em. What on Earth are Manga release dates for? Huh?!? I know that certain people want to get a sneak peek at upcoming releases but seriously people, can't ya put a leash on it??

Here I was, nicely anticipating a nice new juicy chapter to dig my teeth into. I was looking forward to all those almost hilarious comment wars and mind bogglingly crazy theories and speculations. Not to mention the reception!! Of course, no one likes a bad chapter but even the worse ones can get interesting (eg. 397: Edge of The Silence) with the right kinda fights (comment wars, not Smackdown Vs. Raw 10).

That nonsense aside, as I said, I was waiting for a good chapter. And then, fate strikes. Curse me for being too lazy to get the USB mouse and using the touchpad. I was reading something and was about to check out some link but Nooo, the cursor HAD to go a different link to the Spoiler page and I managed to register in mind the name of the next chapter (quite obviously not gonna tell ya guys, sorry =] ). Now, I know you admins are gonna pounce on me for this but just hear me out: Why have the Spoiler page so openly laid out for all to see? Surely it can be kept a little more obscure so that unaware users such as myself can assure ourselves of a surprise and not just some boring old confirmation of what we would have unintentionally read?

But I'm not taking it out on BleachWiki alone. I just type Bleach into the search box and what do I get? Ch.399 summary, Ch.399 leaked version, Ch.399 early release, Blah, blah, blah and a jar of prunes. Thankfully, I didn't get past the name of the next chapter. Otherwise, reading the next chapter would be like opening a Christmas present you've gifted to yourself.

Go on people, I'm waiting for your views, opinions, onions, whatever. For those on my side, we need to take a stand. For those against me, at least consider my side of this never-ending debate. I say Au revoir until the comments, tomatoes, rotten eggs and pies come in.

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