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    Aizen's New Form

    May 21, 2010 by BlazeUchiha

    Is it just me or has Aizen lost the Hogyoku's ability of healing him? I know it was fulfilling his heart's desire (which was to heal him) but he didn't heal himself after Yoruichi's attack. Also, he could have just wished away Urahara's Bakudos but didn't. So maybe Aizen's losing control of the Hogyoku.

    Anyways, since everyone seems to be discussing about it, I decided to put together this blog for speculations on Aizen's transformation.

    Comments are welcome, spoilers and crap are not. Cheers.

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    Stupid Pre Organized Irritating Longingness Erasing Ruiners !!!

    I'm pretty much Sick of 'em. What on Earth are Manga release dates for? Huh?!? I know that certain people want to get a sneak peek at upcoming releases but seriously people, can't ya put a leash on it??

    Here I was, nicely anticipating a nice new juicy chapter to dig my teeth into. I was looking forward to all those almost hilarious comment wars and mind bogglingly crazy theories and speculations. Not to mention the reception!! Of course, no one likes a bad chapter but even the worse ones can get interesting (eg. 397: Edge of The Silence) with the right kinda fights (comment wars, not Smackdown Vs. Raw 10).

    That nonsense aside, as I said, I was waiting for a good chapter. And then, fate…

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    It's a busy world. Everyone trying to outdo each other by advancing to the next level.

    I was reading the manga recently, and something struck me. Anyone remember Byakuya's description of Bankai?

    He says that even out of the Noble Families who are blessed with greater Spiritual Power than others, only one person in a few generations is capable of acheiving Bankai. It is the final release of a Zanpakuto and increases the wielder's power around 5-10 times greater than original. IT is a revered phenomenon which takes years to acheive and master and those Shinigami capable of Bankai always had great roles in the history of Soul Society.

    Now I'm pretty sure Renji doesn't have a recording of those words and even if he did, he certainly has never lis…

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