• Besty17

    The one thats been one my mind since the Final Arc started is why Ivan didn't like being called an Arrancar.

    Here's My Answer For Why Ivan Wasn't An Arrancar: Arrancar's were introduced by Aizen as the new highest form for a hollow to possiblely acheive, despite having an human apperance they carried a zakpakto which enabled to them to active a hidden form/orginal form becoming soul reaper like.

    A few arcs later a man by the man of Ivan is seen confronting & fighting Ichigo. His apperance was similar to that of an only of accessible use for the "chosen ones: White jacket & a small piece of an remaining hollow mask.

    So back to my theroy. During Ivans and Ichigo, Ivan give everyone a big surprize by unvieling a HUGE Quincy Bow. He also ststed s…

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