• Bazz-B

    Here is my list of possible match ups of shinigami against the sternritter, based on where we are in this arc at the moment.

    1) Byakuya vs Gunslinger Quincy

    2)Renji vs Nanana Najahkoop

    3) Yumichika vs Pepe

    4) Ikkaku vs Bazz-B

    5) Rukia vs Candice Catnipp

    6) Hisagi vs Meninas

    I think for giselle and liltoto, ukitake and shinji might come in. I don't think Shinji got defeated off panel:

    a)He already was rendered incapacitated in the fight against bambietta. It seems unlikely that kubo would do that again especially for someone who is pretty much the de facto leader of the visoreds.

    b) My guess is, if all Bazz-B had to do was stall shinji he probably just used burner finger 3 and decided to be ASAP at ichigo's location

    c) I think its about damn time the…

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  • Bazz-B

    In the chapter where Uryu was announced as the successor to the vandenreich, Askin Nakk Le Varr referred to Haschwalth as "next emperor". I wonder if it is possible that the sternritter might be planning some sort of coup d'etat. Maybe not specifically against Yhwach. But maybe against Ishida. Even Bazz-B said something to the effect of most of the sternritters being cool with Haschwalth being the successor. I definitely think there is something going on there. Is Haschwalth really loyal to Yhwach or is he planning to pull an Ichimaru Gin?

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