Warning. There WILL be speculation in this blog.

In Ichigo's inner world we've seen a 'Hollow Ichigo' and 'Zangetsu & Tensa Zangetsu'. The next time we see his inner world there will probably be a 'Quincy Ichigo' (speculation) in addition to the regular Hollow Ichigo. BUT I'm not so sure about Zangetsu. I remember when Ichigo went inner world while in Bankai for the first time, Tensa Zangetsu was there waiting for him, he had never seen Tensa before because of that. We've NEVER seen him enter in the inner world while in his human body. WHAT IF there's three beings waiting for him when he enters while in human body. Hollow Ichigo, Quincy Ichigo, and a 'Shinigami Ichigo' (more speculation) holding a Zanpakutō (Zangetsu), instead of Zangetsu being there in his humanoid form? ... He'd look like Ichigo but instead of orange he'd have black hair ... Whoa... Gross.

Put wings on my back, that a plane or angel? Both. Like a pilot with a halo ... Whoa... Gross. - Kendrick Lamar

It's been on my mind (annoying me) for the last couple of days. What do you guys think? And please don't bash my theory.

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